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Simple Daily Cleaning Checklist for Moms with Multiples: Twins & Triplets

As a mom of multiples, whether twins or triplets, keeping a tidy home can feel like an impossible task. Between feeding, diaper changes, and managing the whirlwind of activity that comes with multiple little ones, cleaning often takes a backseat. However, maintaining a clean and organized home doesn't have to be overwhelming. With a simple daily cleaning checklist, you can keep your house in order and focus more on creating cherished memories with your children. Here’s a guide tailored for busy moms by busy moms in Utah County, integrating our house cleaning services when needed.

 1. Morning Routine: Start the Day Right

- Make Beds: Encourage older kids to make their own beds. For younger ones, a quick bed-making session can help start the day on a positive note.

- Quick Bathroom Wipe-Down: Use disinfectant wipes to quickly clean bathroom surfaces like sinks and counters. This prevents the build-up of grime and keeps the bathroom fresh.

- Unload Dishwasher: If you run the dishwasher overnight, unload it in the morning so it’s ready for the day's dishes.

- Laundry Load: Start a load of laundry to keep on top of the endless piles of clothes, especially with twins or triplets.

 2. Midday Tidy-Up: Keep the Clutter at Bay

- Toy Pick-Up: Have a designated time for a quick toy pick-up session. Use bins or baskets to make it easy for kids to help.

- Wipe Surfaces: Quickly wipe down kitchen counters and dining tables after meals. This keeps crumbs and spills from attracting pests.

- Sweep High-Traffic Areas: Sweep or vacuum high-traffic areas like the living room and kitchen to keep dirt and crumbs under control.

 3. Evening Routine: End the Day on a Clean Note

- Load Dishwasher: After dinner, load the dishwasher and run it. This keeps the kitchen tidy and ready for the next day.

- Laundry Fold and Put Away: Fold and put away the laundry you started in the morning. Enlist the help of older children to sort and put away their clothes.

- Clear Clutter: Spend 10-15 minutes clearing clutter from main living areas. This can be a family activity where everyone pitches in to tidy up.

- Prepare for Tomorrow: Set out clothes for the next day and prepare any necessary items for school or activities. This reduces morning stress and ensures a smoother start.

 4. Weekly Deep Cleaning: Get Professional Help

For those areas that require more than a daily touch-up, consider scheduling professional house cleaning services in Utah County. Sparkle On can handle deep cleaning tasks, giving you more time to focus on your family.

- Bathrooms and Kitchens: Schedule a professional cleaning for these areas to ensure they are thoroughly disinfected and sparkling clean.

- Carpets and Floors: Professional carpet cleaning can remove deep-seated dirt and allergens, keeping your home healthier.

- Special Occasions: Before hosting a party or family gathering, let professional cleaners take care of the heavy lifting.

 5. Teach Your Children to Help

Involving your children in cleaning not only eases your workload but also teaches them responsibility and life skills.

- Age-Appropriate Chores: Assign simple chores like picking up toys, dusting surfaces, or putting away laundry. Even young children can help in small ways.

- Make It Fun: Turn cleaning into a game or play their favorite music while tidying up. Positive reinforcement and making it enjoyable will encourage them to participate willingly.

- Create a Routine: Establish regular cleaning times so that tidying up becomes a habit for everyone.

 6. Car Cleaning Fun: Turn It Into a Family Adventure

- Car Wash Outing: Make car cleaning a fun family activity by turning it into an adventure! Take your multiples out for a treat, like getting ice cream cones, and then head to the car wash together. Watching the colorful soap foam and water jets can be an exciting experience for kids.

- Trash Tossing: While enjoying your ice cream cones, encourage your multiples to keep the car clean by tossing any trash into a designated bin or bag. This instills the habit of keeping the car tidy and organized.

- Quick Vacuuming: After finishing your treats and the car wash, grab a handheld vacuum and let your multiples take turns giving the car interior a quick vacuum. Make it a game to see who can pick up the most crumbs or dirt.

- Reward Efforts: Praise your multiples for their help in cleaning the car and reward their efforts with praise or a small treat. This positive reinforcement reinforces good behavior and encourages them to participate in future cleaning activities.

 7. Remember to Relax and Enjoy

Lastly, remember that it's okay to not get to all of the chores every day. Some days are much harder than others, and that's perfectly normal. Save unfinished tasks for another day and set up a recurring cleaning schedule to help you catch up. You just can't do it all and keep your sanity intact as well.

By following this simple daily cleaning checklist, you can maintain a clean and organized home while keeping your sanity intact. And when you need extra help, Sparkle On’s house cleaning services in Utah County are here to support you. Embrace the chaos, involve your children, and focus on creating a happy, loving environment.

For more cleaning tips or to schedule a professional deep cleaning, visit Sparkle On. Let us help you maintain a clean and healthy home in Utah County, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.


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